Beth Bright

Have you heard people talk about the pivotal people they have had in their life? The people that come into our lives are PIVOTAL. As an irish poems says, they usually come in for a reason, season, or lifetime. Well, meeting Beth Bright changed my life forever. Both because she is an incredible healer and also because she introduced me to so many other people, practices, and ways of operating. Beth has introduced me to my two meditation practices that have been profoundly life changing, Heart-Centered Meditation and Wisdom Healing Qi Gong. She is a wealth of knowledge about health and holistic healing.

Part of Beth’s genius is that she is so intuitive and has this deep knowing of what is at the core or the truth of any situation. The combination of her truth telling and her delivery means that her message pretty much always resonates within me and I am able to make adjustments. Just this week I was listening to David Rock’s book Quiet Leadership. He literally talks about coaching and how it’s important to start listening and asking questions instead of giving advice. And he makes the point that most advice is not helpful to most people. This is very true AND integral to Beth’s approach. Beth’s insight is coming from a different place than most people. And it helps bring you to sanity, brings you back into your body and your OWN deep knowing. Finding the right person to be on your support team to walk through life is an incredible gift to yourself.