Heart Centered Meditation

Heart Centered Meditation is a simple and natural process, yet it can be hard to get started. I will help you develop your unique abilities into a fulfilling reality. Individual sessions or group meditations are available. The structure of this practice is short meditations followed by reflections. The reflections and discussions help to ease judgement of ourselves and others and further stimulate an experience of the heart during meditation.

Heart Centered Meditation has had a profound impact on my life as has my meditation community. I want to share this experience with you to create that deep, life-changing impact: both the meditation practice and the community.

Why is meditation important?

You matter. Claiming time in your week for YOU is a declaration of your worth and openness to what is possible. Also, as our world becomes more narrow with technology and busy schedules, meditation is essential to maintaining a deeper connection with others.

Group and individual meditation

Heart Centered Meditation practice naturally builds connection within the group we create together. When individuals gather together with intention, they greatly amplify the possibility for progress of all kinds. Heart Centered Meditation is a call for everyone looking to deepen their internal connection with and be part of a larger collective who is connecting for the greater good.

I offer six week packages. Invest $15 to get your day started with time for yourself or $18 for an evening unwind.

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