Outrageous Openness

About a year ago, I was referred to the book Outrageous Openness. And GUESS WHAT– it had been sitting on my bookshelf for a couple years, untouched. I opened up this book and devoured the short, inspirational stories of how to let the Divine take the lead in your life. For about five months after reading this book I bought over 40 copies and sent them for Christmas gifts and would bring them to gatherings with friends or acquaintances, and the book had the same profound effect on friends. I continue to get texts saying what an impact it has made in their life.

I love the formatting of the book. It has lots of short stories and Tosha’s informal, relatable, conversational tone. Also, I find when we learn new practices, it is common to relate them to only one area of your life. I love how Tosha’s book has examples of how to apply letting the Divine take the lead in many different areas of your life from finances to relationships. If it feels right, check it out for yourself.