Presence Coaching

Presence Coaching is a process of intentionally enhancing how you are reflecting your inner, amazing self with your image and/or personal brand. Commonly we can get stuck or off course along our journey of expressing ourselves.

If you don’t feel your outside is aligned with who you are on the inside, then we should talk.

Clothing is a powerful, accessible, and IMMEDIATE tool to not only convey your personal brand but is also a powerful part of setting an intention as you get ready every day. Your posture, body language, and speech send signals to others that may not reflect what you are thinking.

Presence Coaching is more than buying new clothes, saying the right thing, or adjusting your posture. Presence Coaching is about claiming who you are and your self-worth. It is about clearing out old belief systems that are holding you back. Presence Coaching is about loving yourself, all of you, more deeply.

So, would you like to better align your inner and outer selves? I can help you leave the kind of impression that accurately reflects you! When you show up as your whole-hearted self, people quickly understand who YOU are and what you are offering in all aspects of your life, whether this be professionally, in relationships, and/or living your life’s purpose. You are more likely to seize opportunities when you are clearly and confidently showing up as you.

My program is a journey of discovering and rediscovering who you are today (not yesterday), release what you might carry that someone said about how you “should” present yourself, and start expressing who you REALLY ARE right now.
A little intent goes a long way toward transforming how people see you. Our work together will support you to market yourself accurately, powerfully, and impress them from the start.

Let’s work through this together! And have some fun in the process!

Does anything below resonate?

  • You get bummed out when you look in your closet.
  • You get even more bummed when you look in the mirror when leaving the house.
  • You wish you had a deeper comfort with your femininity.
  • You want to cry, run away, or break something when you even think about shopping.
  • You feel 100% overwhelmed when entering a clothing store.
  • You know deep down you are a total badass and your wardrobe doesn’t reflect it.
  • You have next leveled your life and your wardrobe hasn’t caught up.

We will work to create a persona and wardrobe that expresses the unique human you are and that will support you in fulfilling your life’s goals, which includes feeling fully like yourself when you get dressed every day.

I offer packages that are then tailored to you. Below are offerings that are included depending on the package.

  • Create your own individual vision/personal brand
  • A new perspective and approach to INVESTING in yourself, both with time and money
  • Identify and clear out any old belief systems
  • In-home wardrobe evaluation
    • Identify currently what “fits” your personal brand
    • Recommendations on how to utilize your current wardrobe to “fit” your style
    • Create an action plan
  • Make shopping less painful (Create a new relationship with shopping OR experiencing shopping in a new way)
  • Virtual feedback on your individual shopping excursions
  • Only purchase “Hell yes!” items that fit into the activities in your life

Other Services