Skincare Magic

I have been into skincare since I was a little girl. Remember Love So Soft? and that link has other products from the 90s, makes me happy to walk down that road. I mean I was buying lotion with glycolic acid in 1999; I was 18–WTF?

Now I love the Japanese Beauty Skin Wash Cloth! However, I think I am late to the party on this one. Men and women that I know own some version of this product. Let me tell ya, this product/exfoliator/sponge, bath tool? solves one challenge of being single: You get to scrub that back with ease!

I LOVE exfoliating. Have you ever been to a Korean Day Spa in your locale? Half naked woman just scrub every inch of you, and it is affordable! It feels so good. There are health benefits to scrubbing yourself down. And both men and women comment on my skin, so get after it!