Before I began my coaching relationship with Laura I was struggling to envision what my business would look like and what the main issues to address were in starting. From her experience working with people as well as her journey starting her own business, she was able to help me develop an idea of how and where to begin. I was impressed by her business acumen, knowledge regarding current practices and trends, as well as her wealth of resources. The real value in Laura’s coaching was her encouragement and genuine desire to help me see what my strengths were and how to build on them. Laura is not afraid to challenge through honest and open communication, yet is sensitive to boundaries. I am grateful to have worked with her. She has helped me to be able to own my excellences in order to feel confident as I proceed with my life plan. I would recommend her to anyone interested in business coaching, life coaching and spiritual coaching. She is a joy and delight to work with!

~Julie H. (Coaching)

Laura taught me to feel. To clarify, she taught me not to be afraid to feel. My greatest breakthrough was the day she sat behind me, hovered her hands a few inches from my back and a massive force flowed through me. I sat there simultaneously embracing it and fearing it. “Afraid to feel” hit me harder than I could ignore. No words were spoken between us, no prior preparation, just pure intuition on her part of what I needed at that moment. Working with Laura can be described as effortless. Not because the work is easy, not at all! Laura has an innate ability to ask the right questions that lead to answers that I had no idea were even related to the issue. Multiple times I have worked with Laura, presenting an issue to her and her questions have invited effortless answers, words that come from a place beyond what I think…deeper into what I feel. Her questions forced me to listen to what I was feeling, not what I was thinking. Laura’s sense of intuition for what you need is remarkable. On multiple occasions I have presented an issue to Laura that was completely flipped on its head before the session was over. Laura has a keen sense for asking exactly what you didn’t even know you needed to answer. I’m continually fascinated by the way my mind and body respond to her questions. An almost inner battle takes place inside me as I fight for the words that I want to say versus the words that are true. Fascinated by how my body fights against what I think my answer is, telling me what the real issue is. If you’re willing to listen to what happens inside you, Laura will open that voice. And even if you aren’t quite ready, she will keep probing ever so gently until that voice is louder than you can ignore.

Sylvia T. (Meditation and Coaching)

Laura helped me get clear about how I was letting financial anxiety interfere with my relationship. It had become a dark spot in my life that took up a lot of energy to avoid. She helped me go there and explore options for addressing the issues and to work through them. Laura has an enthusiasm for life that is inspiring and contagious. With her coaching support, I was able to have some life shifting conversations with my husband about money. I only wish I had worked with Laura sooner, and would recommend her to anyone wanting to get unstuck and go for what they want in life.

Lisa T.

I went to Laura because of her amazing sense of style and grace in how she presents herself. I wanted that for myself and wanted some support to help me think out of the box from my usual fashion and image “ruts.” Laura had us “drop in” together through a mediation and visioning process. She asked me multiple questions to help me focus on what I WANTED to see as a change in how I looked and felt about myself inside and out. We then went and hit the stores. She was amazing at helping me grab things I never would have considered, talk me through why or why not to buy one piece over another, helped me overcome some of my concerns, fears, stuck places in how I viewed myself (size, fit, style preferences, etc) and helped me select some totally new, fashion- forward and Whitney-forward clothes. I felt supported, empowered, sexy and like I had a new feeling to how I was showing up in the world. It was both a physical/image shift as well as an energetic shift in how I began to carry myself in the world. Feeling more confident to “break out of my box,” do something new and unexpected and feel confident in doing so. Definitely up for another round for fall! Anyone who wants to tap into his or her inner God or Goddess and let it shine. Laura is so intuitive and insightful and can help you zero in on your body, mind, emotional, and spiritual parts of yourself and how they crossover and interrelate. She can also help you check in and make progress in baby steps, so you don’t feel like you are taking on too much at one time, but still making forward progress. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering their inner and outer selves!

– Whitney A. (Presence Coaching)

Thank goodness for Laura taking me shopping as I’d never experienced it before! My confidence and happiness grew and grew as she spent time with me talking about what I was looking for – not just in a wardrobe, but also in life! It was fun and has lasted afterwards in beautiful clothes that suit me now, and deep appreciation for the skill and depth of understanding that Laura brings to the experience. I still don’t love to shop, but I can persevere in a store and know what I’m looking for, and buy it – without getting overwhelmed and leaving empty-handed. This is a real first for me ! Laura’s kindness and the questions she asked guided me toward what matters to me personally and then how that looks as an outward expression in fashion. What a fascinating and wonderful thing! If you sincerely wish to develop yourself both inside and out, please contact Laura Nelson! I highly recommence her!

~Beth B. (Presence Coaching)

I began working with Laura when I started looking for full time work, after working part time for over 21 years. It was overwhelming to me and the doubtfulness started to invade my thoughts. As I was looking for jobs, it was confusing for me what would be a good fit for my life at all levels, type of work, hours and pay. Laura helped me to go beyond my own mental parameters. She helped me understand what was my fear and stopping me from trying or looking at new possibilities for myself. By identifying my fear, it later moved into my own thoughts about my worthiness. Which was at the core. These thoughts limited who I was or the job I was going to attain. With Laura’s expertness in communication and steadfast honesty with me, helped me realize how I was limiting my own opportunities. What was unique about Laura was she brings wisdom from her vast knowledge of coaching and she is able to use many different techniques, meditation, guided body movement, deep questioning beyond your own thoughts, for you to realize your own full potential. In the end, I found my perfect job and Laura didn’t stop there, she helped me negotiate a higher salary with full self-worthiness. Priceless to me!

LeAnn H. (Coaching)